Umrah - A Visit to the House of ALLAH (s.w.t.)


“Indeed, the first House [of worship] established for mankind was that at Makkah - blessed and a guidance for the worlds.” (Surah Aal-e-Imran, Verse 96)

A recent study shows that more than two-thirds of the pilgrims who performed Hajj rituals for the first time could not perform them correctly. Lack of authentic knowledge, well designed knowledgeable books and unfamiliarity with places and ritual terms cause many problems to the pilgrims.

Narrated Abu Huraira (Radi-Allahu 'anhu) : Allah's Apostle (Sallallahu 'Alaihi Wa Sallam) said, "(The performance of) 'Umrah is an expiation for the sins committed (between it and the previous one). And the reward of Hajj Mabrur (the one accepted by Allah) is nothing except Paradise." - Bukhari Vol. 3 : No. 1

Being such an important act of worship, we sincerely understand at ERUM Travels how important it is for the prospective pilgrim to find the right kind of package to suit his/her needs. You will find us honest and straight forward in our dealings, always doing our utmost to recommend the package that best suits your requirements and providing accurate descriptions of all the services provided. We place great emphasis on these points and after several memorable and successful Umrah trips, we can honestly say that you will always be met with a friendly and helpful service, reflecting a high degree of professionalism..

ERUM Travels is contracted to some of the largest and most reputable Umrah service providers in Saudi Arabia – with many years experience in providing quality Umrah travel.. We are therefore able to provide a quality and reliable service to all Umrah travellers from the moment they first make contact with us until they return home.

We work hard to select and combine the best accommodation with the highest facilities to formulate a package that offers fantastic value for money. All of the hotels are very close to the Haram. We understand the importance of performing Umrah, and plan to make this highly prestigious trip as convenient as possible for you so that you remain fresh and able to utilise your efforts in the worship of Allah.




If you prefer the freedom of planning your Umrah trips in your own individual way, then our tailor made Umrah packages are for you. We can make all the necessary arrangements for you from visas and flights to hotel bookings. We have a wide variety of hotels that we can book for you from 5 star deluxe to budget 3 star.

ERUM International Of India is accepting Advance bookings for Economy & Deluxe Umrah packages for 2015.
In case of clarification please Call us on : 0091 22 4922 6 786 (30 Lines)

Group Departure Dates

Mumbai Delhi
24th Dec 2014 Onwards.. 24th Dec 2014 Onwards...
Difference between Economy and Deluxe Packages
Package Type
Return Tickets (Economy Class)
Visa Stamping Fees
Accomodation in AC Rooms
Hotel in Makkah
Siyaqat Al Khalil
or Similar
Dahlet Roshad 3*
or Similar
Hotel in Madina
Lulu Mubarak 3*
or Similar
Lulu Mubarak 3*
or Similar
Hotel Distance from Haram (Makka)
20-25 Mins Walk.
10-15 Mins Walk.
Hotel Distance from Haram (Madina)
5-10 Mins Walk.
5-10 Mins Walk.
Room Sharing
Six, Seven, Eight
Quint, Quad, Triple
A/C and Mini Fridge in Rooms
Buffet Food Included (All three Meals)
Round Trip Transportation in AC Busses
Complimentary Ziarats in Makkah & Madina with Experienced Tour Guide
Complimentary Refreshments during Ziarats
Complimentary Laundry Services
(6 Coupons = 12 Clothes)
Complimentary Zam Zam Water
Welcome Kit (Bags, I Cards, Books, Twaaf Tasbeeh)
More Details about our Group Hotels
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Click here for Hotel Details
Latest Group Pictures
Latest Group Pictures.
Latest Group Pictures
Tour Plan & Itenaries
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Click here for Tour Itenary
Saudi Airlines
Saudi Airlines
14 Days Umrah Deluxe
( 5 in a Room )
( 4 in a Room )
( 3 in a Room )
( 2 in a Room )
MUMBAI 56,786/- 58,786/- 63,786/- 69,786/-
DELHI 56,786/- 58,786/- 63,786/- 69,786/-
14 Days Umrah Economy
( 6,7,8 in a Room )
( 5 in a Room)
( 4 in a Room )
MUMBAI 52,786/- 53,786/- 54,786/-
DELHI 52,786/- 53,786/- 54,786/-
CHILD POLICY (Same for Deluxe and Economy Packages) Child With BED
Child No Bed
( 2 to 5 yrs )
Child No Bed
( 5 to 11 yrs )
(5 in a Room)
Infant (0-2 yrs )
4000 Less than Adult 40,786/- 45,786/- 10,786/-
Child with Bed will be 3000 Less than Adult. Child Above 11 years is Treated as Adult.


Umrah Visa is considered 5000 Rs., Saudi Riyal is considered to be 16.00/-, Air Ticket is considered to be 21500 Rs., Any Decrease will be Refunded and Any Increase will have to be Paid before departure or Else booking will be cancelled.

Airport Reporting : 4 Hours before Departure.
Mumbai Airport : Please Report at Terminal : 2, Gate No : 3.
Delhi Airport : Please Report at Terminal : 3, Gate No : 7.


Tour Cost Include

Tour Cost Does Not Include

  • Economy class Air Ticket.
  • Umrah Visas.
  • Meet & Assist at Jeddah Airport.
  • Internal Transportation by Air Conditioned bus in groups.
  • Stay for 7 Days in Makkah & 7 Days in Madinah in 3 Star Hotels.
  • (Including Travel Time)
  • Daily Delicious Meals-Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Buffet system prepared by Indian Chefs in Hygenic Kitchens.
  • Unlimited Laundry facility in Deluxe.
  • Complimentary items provided by the Tour operator.
  • Ziarat tour of Makkah and Madinah with Experienced Tour Guide and Refreshments.
  • Room Service.
  • If you travel individually other than group dates, you will bear the additional transportation charges as per your itinerary.
  • Additional stay other than group would be charged extra.
  • No refund in case of unused services or lesser duration of stay.
  • Extra luggage other than mentioned on ticket would be paid by the pilgrim.
  • Coolie Services.
  • Tips to Drivers or Waiters.

BOOKING POLICY (Same for Deluxe and Economy Packages)

  • Pay a minimum of 5,000/- per person to Book your Umrah tour.
  • Balance amount to be paid 15 days before departure or the booking will get cancelled without informing.
  • Book with Cash or Cheque favoring "RAHAT TRAVELS OF INDIA".
  • If your booking is routed through our Representatives or Your Travel Agent the tour cost will remain the same as applicable and your booking amount should be in the form of Demand Draft or Cheque only favoring the company if at all you need to pay by cash then the payment should reach our head office at Mumbai only against our official receipt. If you don't follow the above mentioned payment policy and procedure, the company shall not be responsible for the payment.
  • Please keep the Head Office informed about all dealings with the agent regarding your package tyoe and total amount paid and all other details. Email us on all converstaion details with agents to safegaurd your interest.
  • Scan copies of the passports can be emailed to and Money can be deposited in our Bank Accounts mentioned Online. Please mention your Name and Contact Details clearly in the Email while sending Passport Scan Copies.
  • In case of any clarification please do call on +91 9967786446, +91 9987864449.

CANCELLATION POLICY (Same for Deluxe and Economy Packages)

  • Minimum Cancellation 5000 Rs. If cancelled after Original Passport Submission.
  • 30 Days – 20% of the Tour Cost will be charged to the traveller
  • 20 Days - 50% of Tour Cost will be charged to the traveller
  • Less than 10 Days – 100% of Tour Cost will be charged to the traveller
  • Date Change Penalty 3000/- per person if made 10 days before departure or else the above cancellations shall apply.
Land Package Rates For Umrah 2014. Land Package Includes : Accommodation, Food, Round Trip Transport, Ziyarats, Tour Guide Only. Land Package Done Not Include : Ticket and Visa. ( Below Rates are Mentioned Per Person in Saudi Riyals)
Quint / Quad Triple Double
4 / 5 in a Room 3 in a Room2 in a Room
Deluxe 1650 SAR2050 SAR2550 SAR
Economy1250 SAR 1550 SAR 1850 SAR


  • The Tour dates and tour programs are provisional and subject to change without notice.
  • All services are from Airport ex India.
  • Any increase in the Visa and Ticket rates at the time of delivery of passport before departures of the tour shall be collected from the passengers as per the prevailing exchange rate of that day.
  • Flight schedule and Itinerary are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Subject to BTQ passengers only. Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only
  • Service Tax 3.09% is applicable and Not Included in Above Package.
  • Tour operator is not responsible for the lost or damaged baggage.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR DELUXE PACKAGES : All Inclusive Deluxe Package ::- Saudi Airlines Direct Flights, Stay in Luxorious 3 Star Hotels with Attached Bathrooms in Makkah and Madina, Three Times Delicious Food in Buffet Style (Food Menu available Online), Fruits & Dates In Room on First Day with Mineral Water Bottles in Makkah, Unlimited Laundry in Makkah and Madina, Ziarats in Makkah and Madina with Experienced Tour Guide, Complimentary Exhibition Tour in Madina, Lectures and Guidance at every step.,
  • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ECONOMY PACKAGES : Makkah Apartments will be around 1200 Mtrs from Haram and Sharing will be 6-7-8 people in One Room, Bathrooms will be common with NO BUCKETS, NO GYSERSin Economy Packages and For Laundry there will be only 6 Coupons. In Madina Economy and Deluxe Stay & Food will be same.
  • Airport Pickups & Drops + Hotel Stay in Mumbai or Delhi + Complimentary Breakfast can be arranged for hajis coming from outstations.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Room Allottment will be as per Our Arrangements.
  • Welcome Kits & Passports have to be picked from our Head Office in Mumbai.
  • If you want us to courier them you will have to pay courier charges extra.
  • Umrah cost does not include any personal Expenses during Travel.
  • Tour Dates, Itenary & Prices are subject to change as per Flight and Hotel availability without prior notice.
  • Maximum baggage allowed per person is 30 kgs. Everyone carries his own baggage hence please travel light. Excess baggage fees to be paid by Haji.
  • Food will not be provided on Airports & During Intercity Transfers.
  • Fixed timings have to be followed strictly for Ziyarats & Food.
  • Sim Cards are Not included in our Package.
  • Economy pax should come to Deluxe Hotels for Food and Drinks.
  • Diabetic patients and Other Pilgrim who require special meals to please arrange for their own food.
  • 10 Liter Zamzam Cans will be given complimentary to each HAJI in Deluxe Packages Without Packing.
  • Hajis will have to get the packing done on Airport and pay directly to Airport Authorities.
  • Infants will not be given ZamZam Cans.
  • We are not responsible for loss or theft of passports at Airports.
  • Pilgrims requiring Wheelchair please carry their own wheelchair.
  • We will not be responsible for any Delay, Rejection or Mistake in Umrah Visa from Saudi Ambassy.
  • In all cases Visa Mofa Fees is Non Refundable.
  • Please read and understand the Umrah Agreement clearly. Every Haji has to sign Umrah Agreement before departure. Please download Umrah Agreement by clicking here.
  • Subject to BTQ (Basic Travel Quota) passengers only.
  • Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only.

Welcome Kit Includes :

One Big Bag, One Small Bag, Zam Zam Strickers, Book on How to do Umrah, Photo Identiy Cards, Twaf Tasbeeh.

Important Note :

Welcome Kit is free and has to be picked from Mumbai Head Office. Umrah Kit is paid Kit containing more than 30 Items and has to be purchased from head office. If you want us to courier you will have to bear the courier charges.

New Laws of Umrah 1428 H

  • Indian Passport with Minimum 6 month validity.
  • Two Blank Pages are a must.
  • 2 photograph size 6 cm by 4 cm - White back ground.
  • As per the notice of the Royal Consulate General Of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai the procedure duration of endorsement of Umrah visa will take 6-7 working days.
  • More Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Umrah Visa.

  • Single Male must be above 40 years of age.
  • Below 40 years males and females should be accompanied by Mehram and family relationship must be proved on the passports or either by any original document for example Nikahnama, Additional passport etc...
  • Male Child below 17 years should be accompanied with a Male Mehram and Child above 17 years should be accompanied by Female Mehram.
  • Ladies cannot travel Alone without a Mehram.
  • More Conditions....

Important Advice (MUST READ) :

  • Please Arrange for your FOREX before hand. Officically you can carry only 5000 Indian Rupees outside the country, Hence you have to convert your Indian Rupees to Saudi Riyals before reaching the Airport as doing it on last minute at the Airport will be very expensive.
  • Please be prepared for Long waiting hours at Jeddah Airport and Hajj terminal it might take 4-5 Hours to clear Immigration at times also it might take time for the Busses to arrive due to heavy traffic so please carry few snacks with you in handcarry.
  • Please carry an Extra set of Ehram and 3-4 Sets of Slippers.
  • Keep your Money safe, Do not carry excess money for Umrah or Tawaaf.
  • Ladies are adviced Not to wear Heavy Gold Jewellery during visit to Haram.
  • Instead of Mineral water try to DRINK only ZamZam while in Makkah and Madina.
  • Its Free and its the Best Available Water on planet Earth.
  • You can fill small bottles with ZamZam while going for every Namaz.
  • Read Books on Hajj and Umrah Before travelling.
  • Carry a extra Three pin, Two pin Adapter for Mobile & Laptop Recharges.
  • Choose your Luggage carefully. Select Bags with WHEELS as you may need to walk at times with luggage
  • Meet your Relatives and Friends before going.
  • In Case of any issues please contact your Tourleader directly in Saudi Arabia before calling anyone in India. Tour Leader numbers remain the same in all groups. 0536522786, 0583715252

Exclusive Features of ERUM International Of India :

  • Meet and Assist on Mumbai & Jeddah Airport.
  • Guided Umrah :: A person will be appointed from ERUM International to do Umrah with
  • Hajis and Assist Hajis with all Arkaans.
  • Salaried Staff in Makkah and Madina for 24*7 Assistance of Hajis.
  • Welcome Drinks :: Dates, Fruits and Mineral Water on first day in Makkah Room.
  • Fruits and Mineral Water on Last Day from Madina.
  • Best Quality Delicious Buffet Food.
  • Halal Meat and Chicken used in all Food Preparations.
  • Complimentary Laundary, Saudi Sim.
  • Ziarats in Makkah and Madina with Professional Tour Guide.
  • Exhibition Tour in Madina with Professional Tour Guide.
  • Daily Fruits in Lunch and Sweet in dinner.
  • Lectures & Commentary at every steps.
  • Zamzam with Airport Specific Packing given to all Hajis in Makkah

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