Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality Approval

ERUM International is approved by the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality for the CTH Certificate in Work Experience.

CTH qualifications are endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality, (formerly HCIMA) and quality hospitality and tourism universities recognise the programs provide appropriate academic preparation for students to apply for entry onto their final year degree programs. CTH is also a member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, the membership body which represents organisations which award vocational qualifications in the UK. CTH is approved and regulated by Ofqual, DCELLS and CCEA, the regulators for examinations in the UK.

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Employers today are looking for graduates who can contribute to their organisation from the day they join. Work experience gives a rich source of first hand experiences that enables graduates to be fully prepared for the start of their careers.

Work experience also has the potential to add significant value to a graduate`s understanding of the work they want to be involved in when they complete their CTH qualification, as well as contributing to the quality of learning and the standards they subsequently achieve.

The Certificate in Work Experience

The CTH Certificate in Work Experience gives students the opportunity to certify their work experience and receive a professional certificate with international recognition. The CTH Certificate in Work Experience adds value to a CV/Resum? because employers will know the student`s experience has been validated, assessed and certified by CTH. Employers know the student will have learned more from their placement because they are required to think and write about their experience. Only approved CTH centres are allowed to administer the CTH Certificate in Work Experience.

How it works

The work experience placement should be with an organisation involved in hospitality or tourism; for example, a travel agency, airline, restaurant, hotel or tour operator. The work experience placement should be relevant to the content of the CTH Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Postgraduate Diploma qualifications, (i.e. at a supervisory/management level) and should ideally be with an organisation which reflects the student`s aspirations for their future career.


A work experience placement usually lasts between six weeks and one year. The minimum number of overall hours required to attend the placement, and therefore be eligible to apply for the Certificate in Work Experience, is 200 hours. The CTH Certificate in Work Experience is assessed with a work diary of the experience and a 3000 word report, marked by CTH.


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