Fixed Deposits

A safe way to grow your money

A Fixed Deposit will deposit a certain amount of money with a financial institution for a fixed term at a predetermined rate. You are given the option of receiving interest income on a monthly, quarterly, biannually and annually, at interest rates higher than banks.

Why opt for Fixed Deposits?

  • If your risk appetite is low, fixed deposits are perfect for you. Since most of the instruments are rated, fixed deposits have a very high safety level.
  • Attractive returns at interest rates higher than banks.
  • You get a stable and fixed source of income.
  • Interest rates are even higher for senior citizens.
  • High liquidity; most of these issuers offer 75% of the investment amount as loan @ 2% over the interest rate on the deposit, as well as a pre-mature withdrawal.
  • You have the potential to earn compounding interest on your money by reinvesting the principal amount along with the interest earned.
  • Flexible tenure – there are various tenures ranging from 1 to 7 years.
  • You can receive interest frequently; most issuers will offer monthly, quarterly, bi annual and annual cumulative deposits.
  • The operational process is extremely simple; there is no PAN requirement with fixed deposits.
  • You get direct ECS credit facility for interest payments or advance interest warrants for the year issued by most companies.
  • No TDS for interest payments upto Rs. 5000/- per financial year.

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