The key to higher returns

equityThe total capital worth of any company is divided into equal units of small denominations. Each denomination is called a share, and holders of these shares have voting rights within the company. The ownership interest of these shareholders is commonly referred to as equity. Many still view equity investments as a somewhat higher risk avenue. However, if closely observed it has still been considered as one of the best sources of getting maximum returns. The basic premise of equity investments lies in timing the market i.e. being constantly in touch with the market. Thus, if you are planning to give maximum importance to market timing and have the ability to hedge risk by making informed decisions, then equity market is the answer for you.

Why Invest in Equity?

  • Earn high returns
  • Best hedge against inflation
  • Creates wealth over long term
  • Diversifies portfolio
You can trade in equity through a broker and through several convenient options like a branch, call and trade or even an online broking account.

Our Offerings

Demat plus broking Account

Our Demat plus broking account comes with the benefits of a hassle free trading experience and the trust.

Some of the benefits are:
  • Convenience of linking multiple bank accounts and instant trading limits on online funds transfer.
  • Trade however you're most comfortable; online, or through a dealer.
  • Get lowest transaction and maintenance costs on demat accounts, along with highly competitive brokerage charges.
  • Receive research reports (covering over 200 stocks a month), money morning, intra-day calls, and much more even straight on your mobile phone!
  • Access Market Tracker, a unique, real-time market information platform with built in decision making support tools that empower you to make the most informed investment decisions.
  • Call and trade support for placing your orders 24/7 by calling the centralised trading desk.
I-decide Brokerage plan

You can now decide the brokerage you want to pay with ERUM… I-decide Brokerage plans. These plans offer a choice of brokerage rates based on your trading profile and you can save brokerage by choosing a suitable plan.

Some of the features of I-decide are:
  • The I-decide slabs start as low as Rs. 2500
  • Renewal free period so you can continue trading up to a week after validity of the plan lapses
  • Carry forward the unutilized limits when you renew a plan to a higher slab
  • You can switch up on your plan any number of times.

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