Asset & Wealth Management

textErum International Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Al-Sultan Group of Companies[ASGOC], having its registered office in Singapore & Operations spread across 18 countries. We are an internationally reputed financial organization that specializes in Structured Investment Programs, Managed Buy & Sell Programs, Investment & Debt Structuring, 100% Debt Free Funding, Trust Fund Consultancy, Large Lending, Debt Management, Asset & Wealth Management. If you are looking for investment, bank guarantees or loans to make your dream project a reality then ERUM is your best option.

ASGOC was founded in 2002 with the aim of enhancing overseas trade. We have brought together a team of uniquely qualified people possessing all the necessary expertise and skills to push the endeavour forward. When it comes to securing investment for big infrastructure project capable of reaping enormous benefits for developing nations around the world, Erum is the ultimate choice.

ASGOC Group has also been instrumental in forging deals in key infrastructure and construction projects around the world. We propose further involvement in such projects through joint ventures with Governments of different developing nations like Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore& Etc.

assetWe aim & propose to launch/implement/execute especially via acquisitions, takeovers & mergers major infrastructure development projects, power & energy projects, legitimate & viable projects for socio & economic development, for women empowerment, child education, humanitarian aid programs, and poverty eradication programs globally.

We are working to bring smiles& make lives comfortable to more than a million families globally by providing them free food, clothing, education, &shelter irrespective of caste, colour, creed & religion. We aspire to make our presence felt in more than 100 countries and directly / indirectly provide recruitment, placement & employment opportunities for 10 million families worldwide. We are currently involved in structuring funds to the tune of US$ 100 Billion.

The expertise and knowledge that we have acquired through long years of experience in the field of financial consultancy will help in making your business venture a success. No business can succeed without proper financing or investment, which is where we come in helping you identify right lenders and financial instrument providers to fund your projects. We can help guide your business to attain zenith of success in the new century. We are a professional team specializing in the financial sector. Over fifteen years of experience back us when it comes to working in a serious, well-organized way, and above all when it comes to providing the customer with the greatest transparency and efficiency.

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