We offer the possibility to work with us to those people interested in this financial opportunity.We would like to underline the absolute transparency and safety that our JV Partner will have to receive their fees. This safety is given primarily for three reasons:

  • Our Partner will be reflected in the "Joint Venture Agreement" to be submitted together with the rest of the documentation "Set Compliance + Banking Documentation" in the Trader Office.
  • Our partner will be reflected in the Trading Contract that signs the client.
  • The Trader pays directly to our partner to the bank account that will be opened previously by the Trader (always in a TOP5 Bank)

These three points give the partner safety to receive their fees. This is the best and safety way of working. Both contracts that the client have to sign, "Joint Venture Agreement + Trading Contract", our partner will be reflected on it, together the client.Unfortunately, the financial crisis and the spreading of the benefits of the Secondary Market through the mass media and the Internet have caused that a multiplicity of intermediaries and brokers award themselves certain privileges such as shortcuts to Banks, Traders and Commitments Holders. This has led to a series of criminal practices such as the ones discussed below:

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