• Structured Investment Programs.
  • Managed Buy & Sell Programs.
  • Private Placement Programs.
  • Purchase & Sell of Bank Instruments i.e. BG / SBLC / MTN's.
  • WorldwideProject Financing.
  • 100% Debt Free Funding.
  • Funding Against Commercial Properties Globally.
  • Debt & Portfolio Management.
  • Asset Trading / Management.
  • Wealth Trading / Management.
  • Credit-Asset-Collateral Enhancement
  • Monetisation &Discounting of Bank Financial Instruments
  • Hard Asset Funding.
  • Gold / Property / Land / SKR Trading Programs.
  • Lease of bank Financial Instruments, BG/SBLC for Credit Enhancement
  • Rough/ Cut / Polished Diamonds, Gems & Precious Stones.
  • Gold Bars, Gold&Silver Jewellery.
  • International Advisory Consulting.
  • Holding Companies & Trust Fund Management.
  • Forex Trading & Management.
  • Joint Ventures, Acquisitions, Mergers, & Takeovers.

Our Group has earned a reputation as top notch international financial consultants for projects of all sorts. We are specialists in structured and secured finance, debt, asset and portfolio management as well as securing investors for any / all kind of projects. We provide consultancy to several large lending organizations, finance institutions, collateral sources, banks, traders, sellers operating in the global market. Having close and direct ties to banks, large lenders, trade consortiums we are capable of assisting you to find investment capital for your next big project.

Personalized Adviced: Each submitted operation is studied in its singularity by our team and the client is assessed in every aspect of it so that the execution leads to a good conclusion.

Who we work with: We have direct contact with a TraderĀ“s Office regulated and supervised by the Fed for the development of the "Private Placement Programs" and also we have direct contact with a prestigious Cutting House to obtain MTNs - BGs "Fresh Cut" at a important discount over the face value thereof.

Audited Financial Operation: The investor will receive a monthly report from one of the most prestigious auditing firms in the world which will fully detail all transactions made by the trader and the profit driven in each one of them.

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