Erum Art & Craft Gallery

These beautiful artifacts are carved out from white marble extracted out of the womb of mother earth

White Marble

Code: WS 117 Size: 180x60x100(LxBxH)

Code: WS 035 Size: 20x49x56(LxBxH)

Code: WS 0062 Size: 12x7x10(LxBxH)

Code: WS 049 Size: 36x36x32(LxBxH)

Inlay Art

Code:TT11 Size: 120x120 (LxB)

Code:TT74 Size: 60x60(LxB)

Code:TT29 Size: 180x90 (LxB)

Code:TT13 Size: 90x90 (LxB)

Silver Furniture & Art

Code: S26 Size: 70x180x90(lxbxh)

Code: S 25 Size: 61x112x65(lxbxh)

Code: S 24 Size: 80x180x91(lxbxh)

Code: S 27 Size: 67x63x150(lxbxh)

Code: S 15 Size: 48x48x24(lxbxh)

Code: S 23 Size: 46x46x30(lxbxh)

White Metal

Code: WM 04 Size: 43x4x64S(LxBxH)

Code: WM 03 Size: 61x4x92(LxBxH)

Code: WM 31 Size: 41x41x41(LxBxH)

Code: WM 39 Size: 61x46x3(LxBxH)


Green Marble

Marble & Stone Handicrafts

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