UK Work and Travel

The purpose of the Work and Travel UK programme is to provide post-secondary students and recent graduates from EEA member states with the opportunity to work and travel in the UK during their break from college or after graduating. This programme is generally for 4-12 months. The programme allows participants to gain career training and work experience, at the same time exposing the participant to the wider cultural setting of the UK. 

Industry sectors 

The hospitality sector 

Training hours 
Training hours are typically set at 30-40 hours per week 

Paid hourly rates

  • Hourly rate ranges from national minimum wage and upwards.

Accommodation offset
  • The rate of accommodation offset ranges for live-in and live-out, between £30.00 - £75.00 pounds per week.

National Insurance
  • NI contributions are deducted from participant salaries and allow for basic health care requirements.

Income Tax
  • Income tax is deducted from participant salaries

Airport Transfers - vary depending on locations, between £50.00 - £150.00 

Participant Requirements
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be enrolled in a post-secondary educational facility or be a recent graduate.
  • Be able to communicate in English with others.
  • Have a genuine interest in sharing your culture.

WAT UK focuses on several core elements that enhance international understanding, personal development and career progression. The core modules do in many ways allow the participant to develop skills that are essential to one`s own personal development and career development within the context of the hospitality industry specifically, or the world of work, or within the framework of understanding alternative rules and guidelines that are central to an individual`s experience of work or life in general. 

Core Module





The Working Environment

Cultural Awareness

Health & Safety

Team Building


Resource Management




Information Technology


Time Management

Self Discipline


Customer Service




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