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Erum International [ Orissa ] has started financial consultancy service for various types of consumer / retail Loans in India. Erum offers a range of financial solutions / services across various lines of businesses. Erum provides all these financial consultancy services for personal satisfaction & on humanitarian grounds. We do not charge any fees from the clients / borrowers nor from the loan providers. All the financial / consultancy services are provided free of cost and only to gain loyalty / support / best wishes from the society. We believe service to humanity is service to god.

Erum International is a completely independent financial consultancy & service provider and our online portal aims to provide all the information's about the various types of loans / financial solutions which can be arranged by us for the benefit / betterment of our clients subject to fulfilment of the financial criteria as laid down by the loan providing company / firm. Erum International just acts as financial consultants between the Loan Provider & Borrower. We market the loans of various NBFC's through our dedicated teams based on providers lending criteria / norms.

We deal with the customer directly. All clients who meet or pass the borrowing criteria as prescribed by the Lending companies / banks are thereafter referred to the respective Bank /NBFC. We have our own sales team and we provide the services only for those few selected / prospective customers who meet and pass the borrowers norms / criteria. We strongly believe that by building cordial relations with our clients / customers we can profit in our other business segments.

Consumer / Retail loans are very common these days and often promise all sorts of benefits compared to the traditional private money lenders. At Erum International we have all the information on home loan, car loan, personal loan, loan against property and credit cards, etc.

All loan seekers want as many competing simultaneous quotes as possible, whereas a bank needs leads/applicants with high levels of exclusivity. We at Erum International have been able to find the sweet spot that maximizes the value delivered to both the stakeholders involved.

Consumer / Retail loans are fairly easy to come by and new / private banks / NBFC's are entering the market almost everyday. This is making the banking market very competitive which basically means that you can find some extremely cheap online loans if you just know where to look. Once you have had a look at what is around, you will need to compare the loans available to discover which one is best for you. It is really worth shopping around to make sure you are making the right choice. Our clients save lot of time, money, and energy searching for the right solutions / loan providers. We make their life easier by providing them our services.

Our aim is to help customers take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from all the leading banks / NBFC's. So the next time you think of taking a Loan or need an insurance or even a credit card, Erum International will do the needful.

Our team is just a phone call: 09040152231 / email:

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