Canada Career Training, Work Experience, Cultural Exchange & Internships


CTWEi Canada is intended to allow participants undertake a career training, work experience or internship through cultural exchange in the Canada, which will enhance their cultural understanding and career prospects when returning overseas.


The program`s aims:

  • To stimulate international understanding.
  • To promote cultural awareness.
  • To enhance cultural exchange.
  • To promote specialisation
  • To promote generalisation


The program`s objectives are:

  • To develop international empathy through cultural exchange.
  • To allow the trainee to reach a level of experience that is commendable to entry, supervisory, management and / or specialist level.
  • To allow the student / trainee to reach a level of experience that is commendable to a recognised knowledge and understanding of each of the core training modules.
  • To provide for a rigorous system of task driven assessment.
  • To provide for the opportunity to overcome real life situations.
  • To learn skills to be used in future work based, study or training assignments.

Visa Category


CTWEi Positions

  • Entry Level Skills
  • General Trainee
  • Front Desk Trainee
  • Housekeeping Trainee
  • Food Production Trainee
  • Food and Beverage Trainee
  • Restaurant Trainee
  • Beverage Trainee

Supervisory Skills

  • General Supervision Trainee
  • Trainee Front Desk Supervisor
  • Trainee Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Trainee Food Production Supervisor
  • Trainee Food and Beverage Supervisor
  • Trainee Restaurant Supervisor
  • Trainee Beverage Supervisor

Management Skills

  • Trainee Duty Manager
  • Trainee Front Desk Manager
  • Trainee Housekeeping Manager
  • Trainee Food Production Manager
  • Trainee Food and Beverage Manager
  • Trainee Restaurant Supervisor
  • Trainee Beverage Manager

Specialist Skills

  • Trainee Front Desk Specialist
  • Trainee Housekeeping Specialist
  • Trainee Chef
  • Trainee Food and Beverage Specialist
  • Trainee Beverage Specialist

Positions or titles may state Associate or Supervisory Management.

Program Duration

Programs are available for 3-18 months.

CTWEi Conditions (figures stated are estimates)

Salaries/working hours: (figures stated are estimates)

Dependant upon the employer and would range from $7.50 CAD to $19.00 CAD per hour

40 hours per week is standard

Tax rate is dependant upon employer but is around 16% of pay check.

National Health and Medical Insurance is mandatory.

Paid holidays at approximately 4 weeks per year

Overtime pay subject to employer terms.

Accommodation and meals - (figures stated are estimates)

Normally, you will be required to pay for accommodation from your wages and duty meals would be provided by the employer.

The rate of accommodation offset would range between $100- 500 CAD per month.

Travel expenses

You will have to pay for flights from your mother country to Canada, as well as meet the cost of airport transfers ($100-200 CAD)

Participant Eligibility

Language requirements

The participant must have an understanding of the English language to at least intermediate level so as to be able to communicate during the course of the program.

Visa requirements


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